Risk Management Process



  • No Complaints can escalate to HNS without first being processed through Levels I and II respectively of WVMHA.
  • No complaint may by-pass Level I and II unless there are extenuating and/or serious circumstances that endanger the well-being of an individual.


  • WVMHA is committed to creating a healthy, fair and efficient environment for resolving conflict.
  • WVMHA Risk Management guides the handling of all complaints related to harassment, abuse and code of conduct issues dealing with WVMHA. The goal of the WVMHA Risk Management Process is to design a process for resolving disputes that is straightforward and easy to follow.
  • Under the Risk Management Process, all complaints are required to be handled in a timely and efficient manner. In more complex cases where additional time is required, the parties will be notified of the status of the matter, including the reasons for any delay.


  • Observe the 24 hour rule before reaching out unless it is an absolute emergency.
  • If the Complainant still has a concern that needs to be addressed beyond the 24 hour period, it is strongly encouraged that they should meet with the Respondent privately in an attempt to resolve the issue.
  • If the Complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the one-on-one meeting with the Respondent, assistance from the team designate (manager, coach, etc.) may be necessary. The team designate, acting in the role of mediator, will bring the parties (Complainant and Respondent) together once again to promote dialogue and to facilitate a resolution of the complaint.


  • Complainant should attempt to meet with the Respondent with whom the complaint is about. This should occur after the recommended 24 hour cool down period.


  • If the Complainant is not satisfied with the response provided by the Respondent, the matter should be presented to the team designate.
  • Western Valley families are reminded that if a Complainant does not have their concern handled at the Team Level (level 1) resolved, the Complainant then has the Opportunity to contact the Western Valley Risk Management Chair to further escalate their concern to the next level.


  • If the Complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the informal meeting described in Step 2, the Complainant may complete a complaint form and submit the formal complaint to the Risk Management Chair who will advise the Vice President of Western Valley that a Complaint has been received and is being investigated. A copy of complaint form can be obtained from the team designate or on the Western Valley Website.

LEVEL II- Involvement of WVMHA Risk Management Chair & VP

  • In the event of an unsatisfactory result at Level I (Team Level), the matter may be escalated to Level II.
  • At Level II, dialogue between the Complainant and the Respondent is facilitated by the Risk Management Committee for WVMHA. If an agreement is not reached, the Risk Management Committee will render a decision in the matter with recommendations if necessary.


  • Complainant submits the detailed complaint by e-mail to the Risk Management Chair for review. Be sure to include all relevant information.


  •  The WVMHA Risk Management Chair notifies the Vice President of Western Valley that a complaint was received and is being investigated.
  • In the event that the concern being launched is against the President or Vice President of WVMHA neither of these executive members may be actively involved in the investigation process and depending on circumstance may be asked to withdraw from all active duties pertaining to WVMHA.
  • The Committee independently assesses the complaint and determines whether there is validity to the concerns raised and to assess the team’s role in handling the situation.


  • The Risk Management Chair and WVMHA VP will investigate and communicate directly with the parties involved via email and/or phone.
  • The Risk Management Chair will keep a record of communications and the complaint from the Complainant. Currently, these communications are store in the Risk Management Email account, filed by year and team where on the Risk Management Chair would have access.


  • The Chair and WVMHA VP will assist the Complainant and the Respondent to hopefully reach a mutually agreed upon resolution. This may involves phone calls, emails and/or face to face meetings.


  • Should the parties reach a resolution, no further action would be required. Should the parties not reach a resolution a decision would need to be made by the Risk Management Chair and the WVMHA VP as to how to move forward.


  • In an occurrence where a satisfactory solution cannot be brought forth by the WVMHA Risk Management Chair and/or the Complainant (independently) may consider an appeal to Hockey Nova Scotia in accordance with the HNS Complaint Intake Process.

*Updated September 2023*