Contacting Risk Management


If you have any issues or questions you would like addressed, it is important to remember the "24 hour rule" before contacting someoneThis will allow you to think over the situation instead of acting on impulse, which will promote a more calming approach to the situation. This will also ease any tension and avoid face to face confrontations that usually end with regret.

If you'd still like to reach out after the 24 hour rule, please email your concern to Ensure you include your contact info at the end of your emailed statement. We request phone calls not to be made to volunteers at home on their personal or business time. This is to ensure that the concern is documented and to allow the volunteers to respond in due time as they have personal committments of their own.

WVMHA Risk Management will do their best to respond back within 24 hours to gather the facts and address the concern(s).