Rafflebox 50/50 Fundraiser


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House rules governing the operation of a draw must include, but are not restricted to, a description of
the procedures respecting how the draw is to be conducted and how winners are to be determined; the determined draw date the names will be selected by an automatic name generator , there will be 3 parties present at the draw at location: Kingston Credit Union
 restrictions, if any, regarding the purchase of tickets by members of any sponsoring organization and their families; The purchaser will go to the rafflebox website link and select the drop down menu of players. The purchaser would then select the number of tickets they want to purchase, then they would check out using a credit card associated with a Nova Scotia address. The purchaser will get a confirmation email noting their purchase and frequent email updates will be sent to them including when the final draw is and what the total winnings will be.
the order in which the prizes will be awarded; The winner will receive their money via cheque and it will be given to them in person. If in person is not an option due to the region of Nova Scotia compared to the location the draw is done from, it will be mailed out.
the circumstances in which cash in lieu of prizes will be offered; and In this rafflebox the winner gets 50% of the total income of ticket sales and the winner will be given a cheque for that amount of winnings. 20% of the total ticket sales goes to the western valley minor hockey association, and 30% of the total sponsorship per player is given to the player. For instance, if a player raised $100 in total ticket sponsorship sales, they would get $30 credit towards their registration.
the procedure to be followed if the winner cannot be located. First, the association would contact the player that was supported by the winner for alternative contact information. If we are still unable to contact the winner we can use regulation 6 if needed (Regulation: (6)    A second draw must be made for prizes unclaimed after 90 days following the original draw date and this requirement must be printed on the ticket)